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Kamrin's Dollstudio and Toyshop is a shop - online and home based-store - specialized in natural materials and dollmaking supplies for Waldorf dolls and is sole agent of the Swiss tricot in the Netherlands. As owner we supply the full range of the DollyMo yarns. We focus on natural materials such as wood, cotton and silk. Welcome!

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DollyMo yarn supplier  ® 
Exclusive supplier and owner of the trademark DollyMo


Officially distributor and wholesaler of the DollyMo Yarns within the Netherlands and worldwide.                                      


Announcement: Waldorf Doll Seminar 2016 to be held 30th April and 1st May 2016 in Elspeet, the Netherlands. Doll makers, hobbyists and those interested in and outside the Netherlands are invited. You can register for participation now by contacting us via our mail: info@kamrinspoppen.nl, closure date 31st August 2015. For more details and information see here or please contact us. You can also find us on Facebook


We are closed from 11th July until 23rd August. All orders placed during this period will be dealt with after the holidays !!!!

Arriving in the Autumn: "Organic" DollyMo Mohair in several natural colours

Squirrel coloured mohair

Organic Mohair Creation Mohair.jpg


Nieuw: Hickory Denim 100% katoen, Indigo dyed denim striped see here

Hickory denim.jpg    Hickory denim2.jpg      Kleine Gijs.jpg


Arriving soon: New DollyMo "Lang Yarn Mohair" (New Version) 

       Nieuwe mohair pop Jenny.jpg       nieuw mohair pruikje.jpg

More details about this new  brushed and hairy DollyMo Yarn (New Version) available in 8 new subtle natural shades by the end of August.    

New - eco-friendly dolls specially designed for Kamrin's Dollstudio

Doll made of organic materials, e.g. undyed Swiss tricot color "natural" for the doll and plant dyed or Oko-tex yarns for the clothing specially made for Kamrin's Poppenatelier, This style doll has an inner body. All these aspects make the doll safe to play with and is child friendly. All materials used for this doll are available at Kamrin's Dollstudio. The wig (a short hairdo) is made of DollyMo Wool a perfect kind of yarn to use for infants/toddlers as the fibres are not too long. These eco dolls will be available in the shop in August/September. An example of this doll can be seen in the shop. 


Eco yarns by Toft's to crochet soft toys and a pattern book "Edwards Menagerie" in english with 40 different patterns. These articles are now available see here and here





New in our webshop

  • Hickory Denim
    Hickory Denim

    Prijs/Price: per 25 cm
    Meter prijs is: € 18,50 / Price per meter is: € 18,50100% soepel denim katoen, indigo geverfd gestreept blauw witGeschikt voor kleding (pop), tassen, (woon)accessoires...

    € 4,63
  • Maileg Medium Bunny Delphine 16-5225-01
  • Maileg Meduim Bunny Juliette 16-5222-01
  • Edwards Manegerie by Kerry Lord (EN)
    Edwards Manegerie by Kerry Lord (EN)

    Book with more than 40 patterns to crochet animals in english version.See also chapter "knitting wool/breigarens"....

    € 22,60
  • Toft DK Yarn in 7 Colors
    Toft DK Yarn in 7 Colors

    100% ecological wool in 7 colors.100 grams per ball.Price per 100 gram ball.This article can be purchased in combination with the book "Edwards Manegerie by Kerry Lord a book with 40 patterns of crocheted animals; see he...

    € 20,95
  • Sold

    Waldorf Doll #1511
    Waldorf Doll #1511

    Doll size 38 cm.The doll is made of Swiss tricot in the colour light beige.
    The doll wears a knitted dress in rainbow coloured silk-wollen yarn with a white vest and shoes. The eyes of the doll is brown and the wig is ma...

    € 148,00
  • For Sale

    Waldorf Doll #1510
    Waldorf Doll #1510

    Doll size 38 cm.Wears a knitted dress in blue jeans colour and matching knitted shoes and natural coloured vest.The wig is made of DollyMo mohair in the colour brown auburn....

    € 148,00
  • Sold

    Waldorf Doll #1509
    Waldorf Doll #1509

    Doll size is 28 cm.The doll is made with Swiss tricot in light beige colour. The pink knitted dress has long sleeves . The doll wears white knitted under pants and red leather shoes. Eyes (blue) and mouth are embroidered...

    € 128,00

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